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How to Overcome Stage Fright

The secret to stopping your hands from shaking, your heart from exploding, and giving better performances

This is a guest post by Liam Anderson...

The Tension Builds...

So here I am, standing in front of the audience with my cards. “Pick a card,” I said as I moved the cards to the girl standing in front of me. “This audience isn’t one of my largest, there’s only about ten people here,” I thought.
Though I must admit, I’m feeling a bit nervous. I mean, I might have said “pick a card” just fine but maybe I should’ve said something else? Oh wait, she’s done looking at it. Okay, now just to have her put it back in the deck. Just let me reach out…..wait?!?! Why are my hands shaking?
That’s okay, I’ll just hold the deck with two hands.

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