Shin Lim Revealed

Shin Lim is a sleight-of-hand magician who is currently one of hottest new names in magic. Despite his young age, this master of magic tricks has been amazing audiences all over the world with his mind-blowing illusions and has already achieved more than most magicians can only dream of.

Shin Lim is self-thought. He learned magic through watching tons of internet videos, countless hours of dedicated practice and using his incredible imagination to create new, original tricks. This gives him a unique style of magic that has never been seen before.

All his hard work payed off with huge success. Shin Lim was awarded the title of World Champion for Close up Magic by the International Federation of Magic Societies. His TV fame started when he performed on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, where he managed to fool both highly experienced magicians with his stunning magic. In 2018, he appeared on the 13th season of the TV show America's Got Talent, where he amazed both the judges and the audience.

Here, we will reveal some of Shin Lim's most mind-blowing magic illusions. Want to know how he does it? You've come to the right place!

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