Skateboard & Sunglasses trick



In this mindblowing trick, Dynamo first borrows the skateboard from DJ of Slipknot. Three monkeys are painted on the bottom of the skateboard, all wearing pink sunglasses. Dynamo raises the skateboard up, concealing his face for a moment. He then suddenly puts the skateboard back down, revealing his face again. But now we see that the sunglasses have disappeared from the painting of the middle monkey on the skateboard, and Dynamo is suddenly wearing identical sunglasses!

You have to see it to believe it:

This is a tricky one since we have very incomplete information. But there are two main options for how this trick could be done:

  • footage was video-edited
  • the skateboard did not actually belong to the Slipknot's DJ, but was a gimmick

We know that Dynamo knew what was on the bottom of the skateboard beforehand, since he had to plan the trick, get identical sunglasses, etc. So maybe he got the information about the DJ's skateboard somehow, then planned the trick and used some video-editing. Maybe he got a replica of DJ's skateboard and made some sort of a sticker on which was a monkey without the glasses. He then performed the trick, but the glasses didn't actually disappear from the monkey – the DJ was amazed just by the fact that Dynamo was suddenly wearing the same sunglasses as the monkeys.

Later, when the DJ was not paying attention, someone put the sticker on the skateboard to make it look like the glasses disappeared from the monkey too. Only then did they show the skateboard to the DJ, who was then even more amazed. Afterwards, they cut the video so this all appears as if the DJ noticed the 'disappearing' sunglasses at the same time as sunglasses appear on Dynamo's nose. But in reality, the disappearance of the sunglasses did not actually happen at that moment and was video-edited in afterwards.

The second option is that the skateboard did not actually belong to the DJ. It is implied, but never actually stated, that the skateboard belongs to him. So it could also be that the skateboard was Dynamo's gimmick with some way of making the sunglasses on the middle monkey 'disappear'. Then the trick is to convince the audience that the DJ actually owns the skateboard he is holding. But in reality, Dynamo just gave him his gimmicked skateboard and asked him to talk a little bit about his skateboarding history, which made the audience think that the skateboard actually belonged to him.
Both of these options are possible, but we cannot be sure since there are too many unknowns in this trick.

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