Is Dynamo real or fake?


Dynamo, the great star of TV show Dynamo: Magician impossible, has performed many outstanding magic feats. But many people are asking: is he for real or is he fake?

What does it mean for a magician to be fake?

Let's try to answer this question. As the name of his show tells us, Dynamo is a magician, which means he does magic. But how do we define magic? You can either think of magic as 'real' magic, like a miracle or a supernatural phenomenon – something which should be physically impossible. But there is also another meaning for the word 'magic', which simply means that the magician is fooling the audience to believe that he can do 'real', supernatural magic, when in fact he is just performing clever tricks and illusions. When most people go to see a magic show, they don't expect 'real' magic, they just expect that the magician will try to fool them with tricks. Does this mean that the magician is 'fake'? This is a matter of personal opinion.

So which kind of magic is Dynamo doing? Real magic or just clever tricks?

As we have shown many times on our site, Dynamo's magic falls into the second category – he performs tricks. So if you think magicians who perform magic are 'fake', then you can consider Dynamo to be fake. For example, Dynamo doesn't really walk on water, he just performs a very believable illusion of walking on water, as we have explained here. He also doesn't really fly, as we explained here. If you consider him to be 'fake' because of that, that is your choice, but many people think that magicians can't be fake since it is obvious that they are doing tricks and we all know it. There are only good and bad magicians – those who can't fool us and those who can.

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