Derren Brown

The Invisible Touch



In this trick, Derren Brown convinces a group of girls that he can make them feel the touch, although he never makes physical contact.




It will probably disappoint you how simply this amazing trick can be explained. It requires no mental powers, just a bit of misdirection and some quick moves. So, what is the most rational explanation you can think of? Let me help you: He DID touch her! Makes sense, doesn't it?

If you go through the video again, you will notice that most of the time, the girl's arm is not actually seen. So only the other two girls could see him touching it. With a little misdirection, he distracts them and quickly touches the arm three times. He then brings their attention to the arm and makes them (the two girls that are watching) believe that the effect has just started. This principle is called 'dual reality'. The girl with her eyes closed has a different impression about the time the trick has started than the other two.

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