Masked Magician

Card from the Hat


For this fun card trick, the Masked Magician needs a deck of cards and one of his female assistants. He spreads the deck out and asks the assistant to pick one car at random. She takes out one card and looks at it while the Masked Magician looks away.

The assistant shows the card to the camera. She picked 10 of Diamonds.

The Masked Magician then asks her to put the card back into the deck anywhere she wants to. He then shuffles the cards to really mix her card somewhere in the deck. When the deck is shuffled, he drops the card into a hat, one by one.

The Masked Magician then takes a piece of rope and asks the assistant to verify that the rope is real. He then drops one end of the rope into the hat. And after a few unsuccessful attempts, when he pulls the rope back out from the hat, a card is tied onto the rope.

He reveals the card – it’s no other than the 10 of Diamonds!


How is this trick done?

The first part of the trick involves one of the most basic card forces: all the cards in the deck are 10 of Diamonds. So it doesn’t really matter which card the assistant picks. The result will always be the same!

But how does he get one of the cards out of the hat?

Here, the Masked Magician needs some help from clever technology. There are actually two parts of the rope. First, there is the one that the magician golds in his hand. But there is also a second part, which is lying in the hat since the beginning of the trick. The two parts of the rope can be connected using a magnet.

See the video for a more detailed explanation:


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