Criss Angel

Elephant Trick


In this amazing illusion, Criss Angel makes an elephant disappear. Yes, you heard that right – a huge, multiple tons weighting elephant disappears right before the audience’s eyes!

First, people randomly chosen from the audience form a circle around the elephant and hold each-other’s hands so nothing can pass through. Then, curtains are lifted around the elephant and rotated for a while. And finally, when the curtains fall down, the elephant is no longer there! The huge animal disappeared into thin air and nobody saw a thing.

But is this really what happened? Here at Magic Secrets Explained, we are very skeptical about such magical events. Can you really make an elephant disappear? Of course not.

Look at the video of the illusion first, and then we will find a rational explanation of what happened.  


So, how do you make an elephant disappear? Obviously, you don’t. That would be impossible. But how do you create an illusion of a disappearing elephant?

There are two main ways of doing that. You can:

  • move the elephant out of there really fast
  • use video editing

We don’t know which of these techniques Criss Angel used, but it has to be one of them. Obviously, the people who held hands and formed a circle around the elephant were only stooges and not really random audience members. So in the first scenario, the elephant is quickly taken away and hidden immediately when the curtains go up and the elephant is no longer visible. The stooges stop holding hands and make room for the elephant to leave, and then start holding hands again. This way, when the curtains go down and they become visible to the camera again, it looks like they have been holding hands the entire time. There is enough time for the elephant to move to the hiding place if it goes really fast and the hiding place is very close.

The second, less likely possibility is that Criss simply used video editing. However, the first explanation is probably the correct one.

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