David Copperfield




In his rendition of this famous Houdini classic, David Copperfield is tied up and lifted above the stage. His female assistant than stands on the stage and lifts a sheet in front of her. Suddenly, Copperfield appears behind the sheet and the assistant is found tied above the stage.


First of all, Copperfield was never lifted above the stage. The moment he is covered by the sheets, he unties himself and jumps off the platform through some sort of a hidden door. There are mirrors under the platform so that he can remain unseen. He then waits under the platform until the assistant comes near and raises the sheet. The moment the sheet is raised, he climbs onto the platform between the assistant's legs. The assistant than jumps off the platform and Copperfield throws the sheet away. It seems as the assistant has miraculously transformed into him!

But how does the assistant appear above the stage?

It is not the same assistant. It is probably her sister, maybe even a twin. She is hidden there the whole time and ties herself up when Copperfield leaves his place.

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