Basic Techniques



Sleight of hand is a mixture of techniques used mostly in close-up magic. Using sleight of hand, magicians are able to manipulate objects like cards and coins without the audience noticing it. Here we will look at some basic techniques you can learn without the years of practice.


Penn and Teller explain sleight of hand:


The French drop

The French drop is the simplest way of vanishing the coin. This video will teach you how to do it:


Here is an advanced one coin routine using French drop and some other sleights:


Double lift

Double lift is a technique very often used in card magic. Using it, you pretend to show your spectators the top card of the deck, while actually you show them the second card from the top. You achieve this by lifting both cards as one, giving an impression that you are only lifting the top card.

Here is a video tutorial showing you how to do it:


Here is a great trick using the double lift:

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