David Blaine

Frog Trick


David Blaine performed this mindblowing trick for Drake, Steph Curry, Dave Chapelle and other spectators. He appears to produce live frogs out of his mouth. Many times during the trick, Blaine asks people around him to make sure that his mouth is empty. And even after everybody sees that his mouth is completely empty, he just keeps on producing new frogs.

It is an amazing performance. People around Blaine can't believe their eyes as he spits out one frog after another.

Watch the trick here:



We often say that there is no magic, only tricks. However, this one wasn’t really a trick. Of course, it wasn’t magic either. Nothing supernatural or paranormal happened. We just saw a really determined magician do something really crazy to create an amazing performance.

We see no other possible explanation: before the filming began, Blaine had to swallow those frogs. It’s not clear where exactly the frogs were or how he got them back up. He probably used some sort of bag containing the frogs which he could slide deep into his throat. The retrieval mechanism for the frogs remains a mistery. He probably had a high-tech solution to deal with that part.

There is no way he could use sleight of hand for this. We studied the video in detail and the frogs clearly come out of his mouth. 

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