David Blaine

Mind reading with numbers



David Blaine asks his spectators to think of a number and then appears to read their thoughts. He names just the number they are thinking of.

While this is a really amazing effect, it has little to do with mind reading. Instead, Blaine relies completely on statistic. When asked to think of a number from 1 to 10, for example, most people will select 7. When asked to think of a number from 1 to 4, they will select 3. And that's exactly the kind of stuff that Blaine uses in his 'mind reading'. It doesn't work in all the cases, but certainly works in most of them. Of course we only get to see the hits.

So, here are the kind of number statistics Blaine uses:

- When asked to think of a number between 50 and 100 with both digits even and different, the most common number people think of is 68.

- When asked to think of a two-digit number below 50 with both digits odd and different, most people will say 37.

- When asked for a number between 1 and 1000, the answer will very likely be 333 (or 999).

Try these out and you'll be suprised how often it actually works.

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