Criss Angel

Beach Trick


In this astonishing trick, Criss Angel heads to the beach and accomplishes several seemingly impossible feats. He first spreads a blanket and waits a little, until suddenly, a girl appears under it. As if this was not enough, Chriss then runs away and magically appears under the second blanket in matter of seconds.


Unless there was some kind of trapdoor in the sand, it’s pretty obvious that the volunteers and the members of the audience were stooges. Do you really think the “volunteers” just happened to have those blankets with them? I don’t think so.

So, assuming they were all stooges, how was the trick performed? When the first blanket is spread, the camera is lowered to the ground so we can’t really see what is happening on the beach behind the blanket. As soon as that happens, Criss’ female assistant, who was probably hiding somewhere by the sea, runs closer and then crawls under the blanket. She is obscured by the blanket the whole time.

You may have noticed that quite a lot of time passes before Criss lowers the blanket and something appears under it (the video is even fast-forwarded). Enough time for the assistant to get there without being caught by the camera.

The second part of the trick, however, seems even more impossible. How did Criss Angel appear under the blanket when we have seen him walk away? The answer seems pretty obvious once you figure it out. It wasn’t Criss that we saw walking away! He had another assistant hiding down at the sea, dressed exactly like him!

The assistant secretly sneaks behind Criss when the blanket is spread. Then, there is just a really short moment when Criss lifts the blanket really high and we cannot see him at all. That’s when the switch happens. Criss gets under the blanket, while the assistant takes his place. Remember, the assistant is dressed exactly as Criss. You will notice that he then quickly runs away without even once looking at the camera. It is not Criss Angel we see running away, since Criss is under the blanket, moving in a peculiar way and getting ready to amaze his “audience”.

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