David Blaine

Margot Robbie Trick


In this amazing Margot Robbie mind reading trick, David Blaine asks Margot Robbie to think of a memory. She than takes a phone, searches for something she freely chooses, and picks out a word from there.

Blaine then reads her mind and tells her the memory she was thinking of. Margot is amazed. And as if this wasn’t enough, Blaine then tells her exactly the word she was thinking of!

Everyone in the room is baffled. Mind reading seems to be the only explanation.

See the trick here:



The main secret of this illusion lies in what we don’t know. For example, we are never shown what were the exact instructions Blaine gave to Margot when he asked her to think of a memory. We assume that he just asked her to pick a random memory. This is almost certainly not true. Note how Margot doesn’t seem shocked when David says that she was five years old in her memory. This means he instructed her to choose something from when she was five years old. Most memories from that age involve family, so this is a safe bet for Blaine to make. And of course the memory is important – otherwise she wouldn’t have chosen it.

How did Blaine figure out that the memory was about a bunny? We cannot say for sure since we have no idea what happened before the cameras started rolling. But one thing is for sure: Blaine knew that the memory was about a bunny before the trick even began.

What about the phone and the word ‘numerous’? Again, pay attention to what we don’t know but assume to be true. For example, we assume that the phone Margot is holding is her phone. False. If that would be her phone, Blaine would have told her to take it out of her pocket or something like that. Since he didn’t call any attention to that, we can be reasonably sure that the phone was in fact given to her by Blane. And it wasn’t an ordinary phone.

The phone has a camera which is turned on without Margot being aware of this. The phone also has some sort of eye tracking software which allows it to determine where on the screen the person is looking. In the past years, eye tracking software has become very good. By seeing where she looks at, the software can determine which word she was looking at. Blaine probably has an earpiece so his IT people can receive information about the word from the software and tell the word to Blaine.

As the Clarke’s third law states: any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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