Criss Angel

Chain Trick



In this mind-blowing demonstration, Criss Angel ties a solid chain around his neck. He then asks two volunteers to simultaneously pull both ends of the chain. The chain seems to magically pass through his neck, leaving the audience dumbfounded.




This is actually a pretty easy trick which can be safely learned and performed by anyone. As long as it is done properly, there is no risk involved.

The chain was probably not gimmicked in any way and really was completely solid. The secret of the trick lies in the placing of the chain. Criss makes everyone believe that the chain is firmly tied around his neck and that there is no way he could get out. However, his long hair makes it impossible for the audience to see whether this is true or not. What Criss actually does with the chain is a false loop. He doesn’t really tie it around his neck, though it certainly looks like he does.

He then pretends to be nervous, just to create more tension. He orders the volunteers not to stop in the middle, since that would obviously reveal the nature of the trick. Also, after the trick is finished, he pretends to be in pain, which is nothing but good showmanship and only adds to the persuasiveness of the illusion.

So, what kind of a false loop are we talking about? The method is revealed by the nice kid in the video below:


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