Masked Magician

Seance Table Trick


In this creepy illusion, the Masked Magician first presents a séance table. Three female assistants join him and they all seat around the table. They start performing mysterious gestures with their arms above the table. What is going on? Are they summoning ghosts?

Suddenly, the table starts rising into the air. It seems the ghosts have arrived. They push it back down, but the table just keeps on rising. The girls all run away, taking their chairs with them. Now the masked magician is alone with his hands on the table, and the table seem to be floating in the air by itself.

What supernatural force is doing this?


Was this really a demonstration of supernatural powers? Did the Masked Magician just prove the existence of ghosts? Was this done by some higher spiritual deity?

Sadly not. It was just a trick.

But how did they do it? After all, we all saw the table levitate in the air with nothing under it!

Here is how this trick is done:

While the Masked Magician’s hands really are empty, he has two steel rods attached by his wrist. With a simple gesture (camouflaged as one of his magical hand movements), he can slide those rods out and lock them into place. He does that just before they all sit behind the table.

There are two holes in the table at the side where the Masked Magician is sitting. When he sits down, he sticks the two rods into the holes. This enables him to lift the table while his hands remain on the table.

For a visual demonstration of the trick, see the video below. The Masked Magician first performs the trick and then shows what the secrets behind it are.


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