Magic Tricks for Kids Revealed

We all enjoy a good magic trick. Magic confuses the rational part of our mind and puts us into a child-like state of innocent wonder. For a moment, we let our imaginations run wild and imagine that everything is possible.

Perhaps it is not strange that the biggest fans of magic are usually kids. Their imaginations are running wild pretty much all the time. Add a magic trick to that and .... boom! Kids go crazy when they see some good magic. They are also easier to fool, so you do not have to be a master magician to impress them with your magic skills.

Here, we have collected some of the best simple magic tricks for kids. Whether you want to perform magic for children, or you have a kid who wants to learn a few tricks, you have come to the right place.

Disappearing coin

Making a coin disappear is a classic magic trick, and the kids love it. Since we basically always carry coins with us, you can do this trick anytime and anywhere, without any special preparation. While there are many ways of vanishing a coin, and some can take lots of practice, we will focus on a very easy technique called »the french drop«. This technique is very easy to learn, and is guaranteed to trick the kids. Here is a video tutorial:


Card tricks for kids

There is something special about card magic. Kids love playing with cards, and when you use those cards to perform something magical, they will be amazed.

Card magic is not as easy to improvise as coin magic, since there aren't always cards around. The best time to perform card tricks is when you are playing cards with kids anyway. Alternatively, you can also carry a deck of cards around with you at all times, so you are always ready to perform a trick.

While some card tricks can take years to really master, there are also tons of card tricks you can basically learn in a few minutes. Since kids are very easy to fool, you can focus on the simple tricks which don't require a lot of practice.

Here are some great card tricks that are easy to learn and will fool the kids every time:


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